Setup Guide for DERO Community Pools A mining pool where everyone get their fair share

DERO Mining Pool: Fun and Profit for Everyone!

DERO Mining is centered around securing mini blocks—tasty rewards that even the smallest devices can capture. Here’s how you can start earning with our pool in just 24 hours:

Step 1: Wallet Setup
Before diving into pool mining, you'll need a secure way to receive and manage your DERO. For detailed wallet setup instructions, visit our comprehensive DERO Wallet Guide. You can also watch setup videos there to help you get started smoothly.

Step 2: Miner Setup
Once your wallet is ready, follow the miner setup instructions below for your desired platform. Select your operating system below to view the specific setup instructions.

Pool mining is designed to be accessible to everyone—no high-end hardware required. Join our community and start mining today to earn your share of the rewards!

Now watch the graph below as your miners are joining

Currently (492) Pool Miners Connected

When do I start getting rewards?

When mining on our Pool you get rewarded every day as long as the pool has successfully mined a block or a mini block.

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Alternative Pools below (Select Node closest to your region)

Owner Country Node Address
Hansen33 First Node United Kingdom
Yashnik Node Germany
Yashnik Node Virginia
CH4K1Pu's Node France
Orionure Node Singapore
Orionure Node Missouri
Gustavogerman Node Argentina
maikze's node Finland
dirker's SK Node South Korea

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